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Chefs services at home and gourmet food in San Juan, sushi, Mexican, Italian, Spanish or Argentinean food, prepared in your house or event.
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San Juan

Sabores Exquisitos

Catering, paellas, barbecues, live pasta for all kinds of activities, social, Airbnb, private dinners at very reasonable prices according to your budget.


Chef en tu Casa!

All the Island, Party, Activities, Events, Weddings ...

San Juan

El Carrito

El Carrito offers catering service for any type of activity.

Academia de Sommelier de Puerto Rico

We make professional pairings between food and drinks to offer an unforgettable food and wine offer. Our customers are impressed by discovering new possibilities.

Guaynabo | 787-210-1708

Chef Solórzano

We work with a personalized menu , according to the tastes and profile of each client .

San Juan | 787-402-7775

Private Chef Tyler

I'm the kind of chef who believes that food is love, and that love is what fuels our bodies.

San Juan | 787-688-9265

Puerto Rico Caterings

We believe that good food is the key to any successful event

San Juan | 787-467-5671

Chef's Inspiration LLC

Chef's inspiration catering services and personal chef Veteran Chef Jose De Cordova can provide the next look and flavor for your event.

San Juan | 305-917-3100

Paellas by Fernan Fumero

Paellas, fried foods station, sopones, risotto, pasta bar, Creole food, holiday food, picadera or whatever you have in mind, at home.

Guaynabo | 787-210-5728

Charcuteria on Board PR

Delicatessen, flowers and sparkling wines for social events, picnics, dates, hotel guests (San Juan area, PR) gift detail. Also table setting for weddings and all social events.

San Juan | 939-317-0529

Lechones To Go

Catering service for all kinds of events. We specialize in charcoal-roasted suckling pig. We offer live fry station. We have a wide menu for all palates and budgets.

San Juan | 787-380-5183

Events Staffing Solutions

Servers, Bartenders, Live Stations Cooks, Security and Housekeepers for private events. Plan your event and let our staff take care of your guest, either corporate or social events.

San Juan | 939-260-7211

Chef Iyesha Gorbea

Catering Service, Personal Chef at Home, Dinner Tastings, Brunch, Design and creations of menu and corporate activities.

San Juan | 787-307-0004

Chef Santos

The chef goes to your kitchen ... specializing in French, Creole, Italian and more. We offer you the food service for the specific topic that you want.

San Juan | 787-612-0922

Yira's Passion Food Services

We know how important it is for you to impress your family. Let us delight the palate of your guests with our rich and varied dinners that fit your taste and budget.

San Juan | 787-649-1384

Platos con sabores

New concept; We cook you in home places, beaches with your chosen or desired menu, live paellas, barbecues, pasta, bartending waiters and more

San Juan | 939-640-5049

Chef Omar Del Río

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home.

San Juan | 787-320-7574

Caribbean Gourmet Personal Chef

San Juan

Excellence Catering Service

Excellence Catering Service has 12 years in the industry. We specialize in catering services for weddings, social and corporate events.

San Juan

Kreole Gourmet Catering Services

Experience, time in market, professionalism, good taste and presentation for the best price.

San Juan